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Godin Folk Guitars

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I might as well be as specific as I am, since I'm fairly sure mnany of you gear colelctors have a folk accoustic from the Godin brand of some sort.

Anyways, I'm considering these, hehe. If anybody could tell me any experiences you've had with them that'd be great. Also, a few qs.

1. Are they are versatile to different styles as dreadnaughts? I tried doign some sliding on the Seagull Folk I picked up and it just wasn't happening. Do you think that it was just that guitar or the category in general heh

2. They're marketed as guitars for fingerstylists. I realize one reason is the concept that the mids cut through so it's neiter the bass or trebles dominate. Do they have a thicker fretboard like classicals too though or not?

3. Do you know, in general, which Godin's have the slimest necks? I knwo Seagull have really thick necks. Both Norman and I believe Simon and Patrick have thinner necks, but do you knwo whioch have the thinnest? Thanks.

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Go play one if you can't because no one carries them in your area I wouldn't buy it You might not like the neck ect... as for playing slide all you need to do is adjust the action high enough to slide but low enough to fret.

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