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Going back to playing guitar

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Hi. A small backstory. When i graduated highschool, i wanted to get an electric in order to play the genres i like , which is metal and hard rock. Unfortunately, my dad refused to get me even a cheap electric as a graduation gift, and ended up buying me a 100$ acoustic ( he insisted that i start on an acoustic even though he doesn't know jack shit about music, he wouldn't even let me buy an electric from my own savings). After 1 year of playing i got demotivated and quit as i wasn't able to play the music i wanted. Fast forward 5 years, I have my full time job living abroad, and able to buy any guitar i wanted. Which brings me to the main issue here:

I'am planning to buy my dream guitar, the ESP LTD MH-1000FR. But my friend told me that tuning is gonna be a pain in the ass due to the floyd rose. And there's no music store in my radius ( maybe even in the whole country) to help me tune or restring my guitar in case i got a floyd rose. So i checked the website I'm buying from (thomann) and found the closest available ltd model to be the ESP LTD H-351NT STBK. However i read several places that its chinese made with lower quality and besides i don't like the headstock shape. The MH1000 looks much much more elegant. Will a floyd rose be really hard for a beginner? even if i followed guides online? Please state if you think there is a better alternative guitar to both

Oh and one more thing . I wanna buy a preamp which works with one of those guitars.

Boss GT-001

Boss ME-80

Line6 Pod HD500X(worth the 500 euros?)

Vox ToneLab EX

Boss GT-100

Digitech RP 1000

Zoom G5

Laney IRT-Pulse

Boss ME-25

I want something that sounds awesome.I don't want anything too much software related (besides recording), which is i just plug in and start jamming without the use of a laptop. I dont have a local store around to try them out in person thats why iam shopping for them online.


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As for a Floyd Rose, don't buy it if the guitar is cheaper than $500. Try to find used guitar in good condition, but ask a more experienced friend to help you check it.

About an amp, I would suggest any modelling amp that fits your budget. Don't buy big complex processor (like pod HD500) until you know what you want... I'd say, for a couple of years. Things to consider: an amp should have cd-in to play along to backing track and headphone output to play quite.