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Good acoustic guitars?

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I'm going to buy a new acoustic guitar for under $300. Does anyone know a good acoustic guitar that cheap that's got a great sound and is nice playing ????
I've tried a few but they were no good...

/ES :?

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Check out some of the guitars from washburn, I heard that they make an acoustic guitar completely made of solid wood, such as solid top, sides etc.

I think it was a little above $300 US. The model of it is the WD300SW

Browse around tat website, it's very good and they've got a great selection.
If not try

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I'd look at Seagull guitars.

You can find a lot of nice acoustics for under $300. A solid top is something you should require....solid back and sides don't make much of a difference though. The reason for this is that the sound is projected out of the front (top) of the guitar. Back and sides just bounce sound back to the top....not saying it isn't a nice feature, but IMO not a big deal and certainly not something I would go out of my way to find.

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Nick, our beloved almost-leader, swears by Seagull, too.

A :-)

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A friend of mine bought an alvarez with a solid top about 8 months ago. It was a really good guitar. Seagulls are very good too, I have played many, but this alvarez played really easy and sounded good. Not quite as solid as a seagull, but played great, really thin neck. It was an RD-20 I believe. around $250

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I would seriously think of buying a used guitar from a forum like this one.
I've seen two Seagull's recently right around $200 that would cost you $350 almost anywhere else. Yamaha's for $150, Washburns for $200....
The list goes on.

Most of these forums are populated with honest, good people who treat their guitars well. A used guitar from them would most likely be in better condition than most new guitars at "GC".

My favorite forums to troll are:

Each has a "used" guitar section with the best deals on the internet.

Hope you find a good one!


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dont forget Larrivee.
also Epiphone isnt a bad guitar. there are two models in the $ range. MF has them...EI 200SCE and the fncy EI200.

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My favorites in that price range,
Crafter D7
Dean Playmate

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Seagul, art and lutheier, and simon and patrick are all made by the same company. They don't feel cheap like other lower budget guitars do and more importantly, they sound awesome. I /believe/ there are more simon and patrick's in that price range then seaguls. Both are good guitars.

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After almost 2 years of reading posts on this site about specific guitars, I don't think I would try any other acoustic without first trying a Seagull.

All I hear are good things about Seagulls.

I have a Dean that is really pretty, a 500+ dollar guitar and I don't like it, its only real purpose is "wall art". Also have a lower end Fender acoustic that is horrible.

I know...................."try before you buy". No can do. I am lefty.

Yes, a Seagull is my next acoustic guitar. 8)

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I've had a lot of luck with Yamaha guitars, so if you see one in your price range it might be worth trying it out.

There's a heap of reviews of various guitars here which might help. Interesting to see what other owners felt. Although you can't beat playing the individual instrument for yourself, apparently there are gems and duds among all makes.

Harmony Central Guitar Reviews

Good luck with finding one that suits. :D

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I just purchased a great Art & Lutheier for around $280. I spent time with the guys in the shop playing the different varieties and have to say this one, even though it has a cutout, had the warmest sound of all of them. Sounds great. First acoustic I have ever had, so take this with a grain of salt.


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Godin (Seagull, Art and Luthrie, etc. ), Washburn, Yamaha and Alvarez.

Try before you buy.

'Nuff said.

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I've had a lot of luck with Yamaha guitars, so if you see one in your price range it might be worth trying it out.

I teach a guitar class and we supply cheap Yamaha acoustics - not sure of the model, but it's the learner's kit for about $150. They're really not too bad...I've bought and Epi Les Paul and a mando, and have been satisfied for what I gotten for the money. Haven't tried an Epi acoustic yet, though.

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I bought my son an Epiphone acoustic starter kit which comes with the AJ-1, and for a $99 guitar (actually, alone it's $89) it's not bad at all. It ended up being to big for him (he's 9), so I bought him a small nylon string folk guitar and took his Epi. The main thing I like about it is that the neck is very slim, which makes going between my LP and the acoustic easier for me.

It is getting its first camping trip this weekend too.

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