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Good songs for two guitars?

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Me and my father-in-law played guitar together the other day and had fun, but we couldn't think of many songs to play "together."

What are some easy side of intermediate songs with two guitar parts we can jam together on? I would be playing rythym and know all of my chords and can change no problem, and he's no Steve Vai, but he was was doing medium pace solos over me strumming using scales fine. We had fun just jamming but want to start getting together at least once every couple of weeks and actually playing a few songs.

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Albatross by Peter Green/Fleetwood Mac springs to mind as an obvious choice.

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Jessica by the Allman Bros has two guitars, although it's not a "campfire sing-along" type of tune.

If someone is going to sing, almost anything by Snow Patrol could be drafted in.

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Any song can be arranged for two (or more) guitars.

One can play the rhythm (usually the singer) and the other can do the melody/fills/riffs/leads.

And its not necessary that the original song had riffs etc. You can create your own. It sounds great! 8)

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My first thought was Thin Lizzy or Iron Maiden... but perhaps some AC/DC?

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simon and garfunkel
derek and the dominoes
the band
allman bros
guns n roses