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Got my fingertip ch...
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Got my fingertip chopped off and need some help

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Hello All,

I am a righty guitar player and my ring finger on my left hand, finger tip go chopped off from below the fingernail. Plastic surgeon put it back on, but it numb and sore at the same time...this happened 6 months ago...wondering if anyone has ever heard of some kind of "item" that could be put over the fingertip and secured below the damaged area so i can use it again..

Peter F.

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you could try playing with a glass slide until your finger heals.

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Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) had exactly that injury. He made his own leather protectors for his fingers. Presumably there'll be details online somewhere, but he talks about them in his autobiography ("Iron Man").

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i had the exact same thing happen to me. it took a few yrs, but i am now able to play normally.