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Great Guitar Moments

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For beginners,
First time you notice you can play and your fingers are not hurting any more.
You notice you have calluses.
You have a callus on your pinky.
You can change chords without looking.
You can change chords without thinking about it.

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I remember when that happened to me, I felt the greatest person on earth

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The first time you use more than two tracks to record something...


Nice list Vic. :D

I thought that the two tracks things would be so easy..... haha.. It is great when you nail it though.

I've managed it with a rhythm track and a solo over the top, but singing still eludes me. :?

To be fair, I only tried it quickly yesterday for the first time. But it was much harder than I thought. I'd assumed it would be easier not having to play and sing at the same time, but boy was I wrong. I couldn't come in on time, couldn't hear the playing properly, couldn't hold the tune, the key or the volume.....aaaah...disaster!!

As usual, just a matter of thinking it through, getting the balance right, taking some advice, and then practising it over and over... :wink:

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