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guitar controller?

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I assume I can get any PS3/360 controllers working on PC with the right adapters, correct?

Thoughts so far...

RB1's: Silent strum bar causes problems keeping a rhythm up.

RB2's: No idea.

GH2's SG: No idea.

GH2's Xplorer: No idea.

GH3's Les Paul: I love this baby, but I've always had problems tapping with it, it feels that the frets stick out too much. Is it just me, or is tapping with an Xplorer a lot easier (I'm talking Jordan/Satch Boogie/Surfing with the Alien here)? Another minor issue is that the strum bar is and feels odd, it's really easy to just slip while strumming and that causes some funny misses, too.

they're also oddly spaced out and need more stretching making some solos slightly harder. The strum bar feels fine but it started over-strumming after two weeks of use so I suspect this has the same problems the GH4 guitar had.

I'm at a loss. I've read people suggesting their stuff, but do you guys have anything to say about your most-used controller (good and bad) other than personal subjective favoritism?