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Guitar Duet with a complete noob?

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Hi, I've been playing 8 months and am quite comfortable with the process of learning any song. My speed and accuracy are getting there, and I've got a little set which I can rotate as I please to suit what I'm working on.

Now my problem: My gf has picked up my guitar while I've been at work, and shown an interest to learn (Guess she's impressed with how far I've come). All great things! Except now she has to have complete silence, with the TV off and I'm not allowed to play - all while she gets to grips with the open chords and string jumping. Its driving me mad already lol.

Anyway, I've given her Dolly Partons Jolene (Am x2, C x2, G x3, Am...G, Am), which I thought was good practice for some of the open chords. She can play a C, D, E, Em, G, A and Am, very slowly :) I'm amazed she's picked it up as quickly, maybe I'm not as far ahead as I thought lol.

I also gave her a string jumping exercise I made up based on Paint It Black which I found useful to jump start my co-ordination:

But what I really want, is a simple duet song, or a good song using two guitars with one of those being a simple chord progression. I'm trying to get us jamming together a bit earlier, to help keep her motivation up and my sanity intact :)

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Hey Kroikey,

how about Margaritaville -
It's got D, A, A7 and G - one of you can play the chords, the other the walking bassline. Or perhaps 2 different strumming patterns. Or one plays chords, the other an easy fingerpicking patterns.

Another very easy song is Get Back (Beatles) - it's got the regular chords (only 2 or 3 I think), and you can play a shuffle pattern along with it.

Most of the songs here on GN are suitable for 2 players.

The one I like to play in a duet is House of the Rising Sun - but it unfortunately has the dreaded F chord in it.

Have fun, it's great playing with somebody else, adds a whole new dimension to it.

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For something to jam to, it's hard to beat the blues. Three chords or a shuffle (if you play in the key of A you can do the shuffle with just two fingers)... but lots of room to improvise.

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If she's comfortable with arpeggios, try Black Sabbath's Fluff.

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Since she's already learning Jolene, how about you play along by vamping over the chord progression and playing arpeggios. You can slow down so you match speeds with your new rhythm guitarist :mrgreen:


There are too many songs that have an 'F' chord in them.

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I guess I could try and work out a nice arrangement for 2 guitars on that one song. Its a bit hard, because we have a new baby in the house. She doesnt practice half as much as I'd like.

Edit: I just saw Justin has added 3 Little Birds to his site, which would probably be a good song to do an arrangement for.