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i just relialized the other day that i don't know anything about guitar maintenece. i should probly take better care of my guitars. and i don't know how to properly string it, or clean it, or anything like that. so my question is, does anyone know of a good book or something that will cover these kind of things? theres like alot. i have no idea which ones are anygood. thanks

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You didn't mention what type of guitar you play so I'm sending you the link for the steel string acoustic page. If that's not what you need you can get to the other "owner's manuals" from there.

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This will cover acoustics and electrics:

Dan Erlewine Book

It's worth every penny and more.


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if you go to they have a lot of good books on maintenece an theory that you can chek out, but a recomendation would be any hal leonardo book they have a lot of pictures an good info

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Stringing, cleaning, and basic repairs - The Guitar Player Repair Guide is decent. I learned repair work from Hideo Kaminoto's "Complete Guitar Repair" (which isn't really all that complete, but there weren't that many books out then) and several furniture building books - the clamping and gluing operations aren't any different from other fine woodworking operations, although the tolerances for guitar are extremely tight.

The site is pretty good for stringing instructions, and their nut making section is pretty good too... for refretting, I'd go with the Guitar Player book - it's got one of the most extensive sections on refretting that I've seen.

When you get beyond maintenance and into repair, pick up a cheap guitar or three at garage sales to practice on. There's no way I'd mess with my Martin unless I'd done the same thing on a couple of cheapos first.

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