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Have you experienced this feeling?

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While sitting in your room, playing your guitar alone or with another guitarist have you ever played something that sounded so great that you had to stop for a second because of how GOOD it felt with the waves of shivers running up and down your spine and a burst of addrenaline running through your blood causing you to laugh or smile real big?
This has nothing to do with how good you are, I'm meaning how much feeling you got out of it..

Me and my best friend/rythm guitarist were jamming one night and decided to just come up with a random song without putting any thought into it, just going with whatever came out. It took us 2 hours to set the amps in the perfect spot for the perfect acoustics...
We came up with some really heave intro riffs then went from there, then we made up a clean classical feel riff and jon (rythm) added distorted guitar to it. We both felt it then, but not as strong as I described. The feeling I described above occured during the breakdown of the song, right after the interlude, it went from a soft yet powerful clean riff with heavy palm mutes to a unison distortion guitar orchestra that sounded so *$%%ing awesome.. we couldn't stop laughing.. I think back on it and wander why we laughed.. but we did.

While playing alone I felt this feeling while learning the greatest acoustic piece I've ever heard by Alex De Grassi called Causeway. It took days to finally get all the way through HALF of it.. when I finally did without messing up.. is was aw-inspiring..

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Nope, never experiences something like that. But it sounds like fun though.

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Yeah I just experienced that when I finally finished Day Tripper. It's an awesome feeling. Was the first time I've gone to bed very happy in a while...

Well, I've had some requests, but I'm going to play anyway.

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Yes! There's nothing else like it that I've found. Maybe the most powerful experience I've had with it so far was a few years ago when I was playing for a local production of Jesus Christ Superstar. There's a scene in which Judas is lured into betraying Christ and the only music is an unaccompanied overdriven electric guitar solo. Rather than play it as scored, I improvised the solo for each performance, keeping only the key, the duration, and the ending the same each time. Rather than actually thinking about the notes I was playing, I played solely from how I felt about the scene, if that makes any sense. Every time I played that piece, I was left shaking with adrenaline and short of breath. What an amazing experience!

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something like that...
an friend of many many years and I get together about once a month to jam. we'll get a drum beat going from a machione and he on his tele and me on a strat or lap steel start at it.
at some point we will hear a note or chord that triggers a memory of a song and we will , without stopping, go right into it. alot of times we have never played the song. afterwards we are smiling; we're sooo good.

when I record a session it sounds amazing at the time; amplifiers surrounding us, we're bathed in the mix.
but listening to the recording later I am often dissapointed; it doesnt sound the same and the mistakes are glaring.

doesnt stop us a bit.
it is great that you and your mates can play together. there are so many out there that havent the opportunity.
precious moments.

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When i experiance that straight away i get a pen and paper and right it down. And yes i admit it is a good feeling in the way that you have achieved something just by playing randomly. :D

Woot Woot!!

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most of the time when i'm playing something that i know is good, the actual mental and physical requirements for the song leave me in the following emotional states: like i'm juggle knives in a dream, egomaniacally convinced of my imminent breakthrough as a guitar god, hopelessly depressed, completely content, incredibly angry at everyone around me, a state that can only be described as groovetastic, and a weirdly separate state where my mind just floats around to vaguely connected but unrelated subjects or objects unrelated to my surroundings.

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juggle knives in a dream
That I can relate too... - Guitar Chord/Scale Finder/Viewer