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havin trubles

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hey peeps..,.  im 14 goin on 15, pretty decent at guitar, lookin to be the next....  well...  me ..  just on the same list as my future 6-string god peers...  i hav a bigger drive and hunger for the top and love for the guitar than many peeople that you will meet. my problem is finding people who share these qualities and love. Ive done the posters, the signs with the tabs, evrywhere thats legal, yet no response... should i keep looking for them or some how get myself out there and let them find me?? yes siree, its a quandry al right. but i think ill be alright, im not givin up that easily, this is and always will be my life. any suggestions will be highly appreciated!!!  woh, i think i made a cathprase slogan thingy for myself and everyone else to live by lol   it goes "Strive to be the next you." real deep eh?? lol  well thanx for ur guyses help    -

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Where abouts do you live? One thing that has always been a pleasant surprise, to me anyway, is that there's almost always someone out there who wants to play.

Secondly, to what end? If you're forming a band, then finding people who want to put in that kind of commitment may be a bit difficult. You might first just want to find some folks to play with and then work on the commitment thing. One step at a time seems to not scare people off.

Looking forward to hearing more from you.


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you're pretty grounded for a 15 year old(no insult, I'm the same)

it's a pretty rough ride finding a band that you fit in, some people never do it. I'd suggest playing open mics if you can find them, it seems like people never can find out exactly how good they are, so you'll probably find some musician that thinks they're at the same level as you, which will help them or you actually find a day to jam, even though from me to you, I don't think that talent matters in the slightest, a band is about learning from eachother

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Just keep doing what you do. As long as you keep at it you will meet the folks you need to play with eventually.

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I assume that you have looked around your school to find other players and come up with nothing? What about other like minded people in your grade, or thereabouts, that love the same stuff you do, but never thought about actually playing?

At your age, and if you're as driven as you seem from your words, maybe you have the patience and infectious enthusiasm to help some kids along the road into drumming, bass, etc, etc. So many kids are told to 'keep their feet on the ground' and avoid 'unrealistic' dreams, that there must be loads in yoru area that would love it as much as you, if only they had someone give them a kick up the *rse (or *ss, if you;re american) :wink: .

I help some kids that have started their own band with transporting their kit around for them and stuff, and I am amazed at how quickly they were able to get to a standard to be able to play several songs, especially since they all just asked for instruments for christmas and taught themselves. And they are improving every time I hear them.

Talk some of your friends, or to people who you don't know too well but want to.