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Help a noobie with fingerpicking...?

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If you can alternate-bass fingerpick, a beginner would like to know: how long until you could play through moderate-tempo pieces fairly well? If you can, say how long you worked at it daily and for how long (e.g. an hour a day for a year; since everyone's 'year' on guitar is different, the bottom line is really hours). Maybe you've got students and can answer for them as well. [Not a whiner or looking for shortcuts; I'm just the type who's not as hard on himself when he knows what "long time" actually means;)]. Thanks.

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Keep practicing until you get good at it---then you'll know. I picked it up pretty quickly, but I had already been playing for a few years.

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Look at the fingering instructions in your music and follow them religiously (the p-I-m-a stuff). Once you're comfortable with those basics then you can start working on what might be more workable for you

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