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Ok - My current stable of guitars - Seagull S6+GT, which I love, and a Yamaha Gigmaker, which I don't. I really don't care to play the Yamaha anymore, as it sounds pretty dull & lifeless compared to the Seagull. I want to buy a solid wood "keeper" for my next guitar. I really like the fretboard of the Seagull, and would like my next guitar to be similar. That being said, the Martin D-15 Custom, with solid sitka spruce top & solid mahogany back & sides has really got me thinking. The website dimensions don't really compare well between the two, since the Martin gives width at the nut and Seagull gives nut width. I guess it really comes down to the spacing of the strings, which neither gives. So.....

1) Any opinions about the Martin D-15 Custom (From Musicians Friend) I really don't want to order from the internet, but it seems to be the only place to get it.

2) Any other recommendations for a solid wood guitar in a similar price range that may compare fitwise with my Seagull?