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Hi :D

Yeah, I see what you mean.
They don't seem to be listed on the Fralin site.

They do exist though.
And I would try and contact Fralin, as they seem to be pretty service oriented.
Like I says, you could get the mid pup reverse wound if you want.
Probably not if go through a middle man though.

Don't forget to get the 'lefty' ones for the upside down pole stagger :twisted:


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On the other hand (Mitch, help me out here),
You could buy 69's for the neck and bridge, and get a reverse wound mid w/5 pos switch to get the less hummy 2/4 positions.

Yeah, but I don't know if you can mix and match; they seem to only come in a set, not singles. Or at least not that I've seen (haven't looked hard.)

But you can call Lindy Fralin and get 'em custom wound to whatever specs you want. That's an option. Might be pricey.

Or buy the Kinman Woodstock set. :wink:

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i already looked at the kinman set, and you can buy them individually. i trie dit out to see how much it would cost, and the price of two 69 pickups is...$229, which is ridiculous. the thing that kills me the most is shipping, if shipping were reasonable, i would definitely buy two of the pickups, but SHIPPING IS $40. someone please tell me that there is something terribly wrong with this. i emailed kinman asking about the absurd price for shipping. if shipping were more "normal" the total cost would be about $200, which is something i'd do, but at $229, it's just ridiculous.

if i'm going to spend $200, i can buy the fender '69 set and one pickup to mix and match to get hum-canceling. as much as i would like it, $229 for two kinman pickups (or $300 for a set of 3) is WAY too much.

i'll tell you what his response is to my complaint about the high shipping

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i'm still looking at the fralin site...but for the 69 woodstocks..are you sure you don't mean kinman?

Just Google with 'lindy fralin' and you get there as the first link.

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I think....I'm...ging to try out the kinmans. Despite what I complained about earlier, the temptation is too much for me. Kinman talks a HUGE game on his site, but at harmonycentral, out of 25 reviews, his pickups scored a 9/5 or higher in the sound rating. I guess I can always return them if I'm not satisified. I should double-check his return policy, obviously.

I'm going for the woodstocks. Haven't selected which ones yet.

what do you guys think? is it too good to be true AND expensive?

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