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Help with a purchase

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I am going to buy my first electrical guitar, i'll buy a cheep guitar first.
Can you help me decide what guitar i should buy, here are the
3 guitars i can buy:

New Jersey II
La electric Guitar, sunburst
Harlem electric Guitar, black

I'm not sure if it matters what guitar i pick. I will use the guitar for Rocksmith 2014.
Thanks :)

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I dont have first hand experience with any of these guitars, with that said.

If I had to make a recommendation purely on my knowledge of guitars, I would choose the harlem, it has the humbucker which is ideal for distortion, ie. most rock and metal songs, single coil pickups found in the sunburst are generally used for cleaner sounds, but can be used for distortion aswel.

So why not the New Jersey? well it looks like it doesnt have the tremolo arm, which is always nice to have the option to use if you want to.

With all that said, its really hard to make a bad decision with your first guitar. If you are spending alot of money on expensive guitars, then yes, you can :P

I got my first guitar at age 11 and im 28 and still use it, i have a cheapo behringer aswel. They both serve my purposes well up to this day. Coupled with my focusrite 2i2 interface and guitar rig 5, im satisfied for now :)

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