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HNGD! Again?!?

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In more words. It's everything I ever wanted out of a Strat, plus more. The tone, the lack of extranious noises, the action, etc. It's all there. I can bend strings all I want, I can use the trem, it's quite as a mouse, the bridge pickup is a strength...I can't say enough.
Sounds great, thanks for sharing the pictures!

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She's a beauty, Roy! Congrats!

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How do find the optimum pickup height?

TR would be a much better source on he LP settings than i would, but I'll offer my $0.02 anyhow.

On pickup height I'm not real scientific. I eyeball it. Neck pickup, even with top of pickup ring. Bridge pickup, 1/2 way from top of ring to string. That is where they are set on my Epiphones anyhow. I could measure them. I use my callibrated eyes. :lol:

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I must confess that I've done less and less measuring as time has gone on. I do measure when I get the feeling that I'm going to be doing a complete set-up. If it's just a touch of something, I adjust what I think needs to be adjusted and call it quits.

On a side, this crazy summer weather is doing a number on some of my guitars. We normally have just plain, boring hot and sticky. Easy for guitars to stay constant. Instead, we've had everything from cool & Dry to hot and sticky. Now we have Arizona weather. Hot and Dry. 105. I did two complete setups this week in addition to the new one.

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Re: pup height

Very little has to do with measurements or sight.
You know that they're 'spose ta be lower on the bass side.
Other than that, the optimum height is achieved via listening.

Why are measurements not a major factor?
Cos each Strat is different, and everyone plays differently.

You may have a Strat with a BOOMING BASS (like my '71).
It WAY overpowered the jangle-factor, so it had to be dropped low on the bass side.

You may have an innately high end sounding Strat, and a light touch with your fingers -
Prob have to raise the bass side to get a balanced effect.

It's all a matter a taste and balance.... What YOU think sounds balanced.
So plug it in and play it. Make adjustments to each pup accordingly.
Different strings, old/new strings, different pick materials and different amps will have you scrambling to re-balance the pups.

The mid pup is the trouble one: Do you want it as a stand alone pup, or do you use it only for the 2 & 4 pos?
Or maybe it's just IN YOUR WAY when you strum, so you drop it to the lowest, flattest position! :wink:


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