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How acceptable is D-G-C-F-A-D tuning?

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Ive written a song, originally in G, but because the bridge melody is high, I can only sing it in F.

The pre-chorus and chorus originally had nice big open chords, but now I can't have them unless I tune down two semitones.

Th guitar sounds very loose when I tune it down this far, and I was just wondering how common this tuning it is acceptable practice, and if there is anyway of improving the tone at this low tuning?

The song is acoustic based



ps I'd keep regular E tuning, and just play it in F, but there's something about the open chords shapes in G that make it special

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Plenty of people tune down a half or whole step - it makes big bends easier to do. Hendrix often tuned down for that reason.

Other folks go up to match their voices... half steps are common in the upward direction. More than that often uses a capo instead.

If your strings are WAY too slack, you might want to put on heavier strings. If you just do it for the one tune, get a second guitar :)

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