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How Can I make this Sound

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I Love this song called The Lonesome Rider. It's a mixture of hard rock and bluegrass, I guess.

Anyway, I'm putting together an acoustic version for myself, and want to know how to make this basic sound on a guitar. It's starts at about 34 seconds and then again at around 55 seconds:

It's just that cool little touch the song needs to sound good!

Just happened to think that you might need more info: I'm playing this version of the song

Both of them are resolving? to an E at that point in the song.

Thank you in advance!

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It sounds as if the guitarist simply mutes the guitar strings with his left hand and plays a few strokes. Often called "left hand muting".

To do it, you simply make a barre with your index finger, laying it across the strings, but relaxed, not pressing down like you would with a barre chord and stroke normally.

Helgi Briem
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Really nice tone there too!