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Howdy Fellow GN'ers...
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Howdy Fellow GN'ers - Old and New!!!

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Hi Everyone (or anyone?). It's been quite a long time since many of us have posted here. What's it been since doing this on a regular basis, 6-7 years? I do often miss the group of folks we had here. Such fun was had and lots of learning.

Anyhow, I got thinking about the music journey I've been on since being a regular contributor here. I've been making music, playing guitar, bass and some piano since the days of hanging around and asking stupid questions. I got a lot of help and encouragement here and am forever grateful for that.

I've not wasted your time effort, either. Since I've/we've been gone, I play guitar nearly every day and try to spend some quality time in my home project studio several hours a day 3-4 times a week. I've written and recorded over 40 original songs and maybe a couple dozen covers. I've expanded my guitar playing techniques slowly along the way and have included bass and some piano/keyboard.

So here are a couple of things to show where I am now. One is an instrumental cover of Neil Young's, "Cortez the Killer". and an original sappy love song to/for my wife of almost 30 years. . I left a few older things up there, too. There are more than a few things I want to re-do.

I hope some of my fellow gn'ers from back in the day login in and say howdy and share their guitar/musical journey since moving on. And if you are reading this and are quite new to this whole guitar thing, do not despair. Trust me. Knowbody here was more worse behind the guitar than I was. There is hope. :mrgreen:

Take care and play on!!!!


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Howdy, Roy (%

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