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Howdys, Dave and th...
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Howdys, Dave and the gang!

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Hello Dave, Nick and everyone. It's been awhile. I've been very busy with building furniture. Also practicing organ, piano and guitar, singing, whistling, etc. I still enjoy the sound of a good Kawai or Steinway as much as a Martin, Taylor or one of those neat Hohners! Also helping out with the family as much as possible. Today is Sunday, the weather is hot here in Houston, I'm tired, enjoying the A/C, eating fresh garden squash, and not gonna do much of a darn thing else today.

Good luck to all the graduating seniors in the good ole USA!

I'm here cuz of Len's article. Right on! He's got the rock music scene "nailed" imho. There was an article yesterday about a gentleman who is starting a show business career move and he seemed to undergo a severly stressful time. Relax, media people! Stop following with your cameras and give a person some space once in awhile, Please!

My son plays percussion in the high school band and he may want a music career in a year or so, I don't know yet. We'll see. Musician, technician, house painter, doctor... whatever "floats his 17 y/o boat". Him and others like him need to know what a rock music career life can be like and Len has concisely and accurately portrayed much of it. I started reading about musicians and music careers after Elvis's shockingly sudden death. My advice to young rock musicians is to be wary and keep a low profile.

Having said that, I think Bo Bice is ready for his next step in his life. (American Idol winner) He seems to have a good head on his shoulders, with the maturity and support he will need if he wins the honor. I think if he keeps a low profile as much as possible and accepts the honor with true humility, he will go as far as he is destined to go in his career. Rock music became associated with drugs in the 1970's and took quite a beating because of that association, imho. Teens and young adults, beware! If you can't sleep at night, don't take drugs; try leaving your dwellings, get out in the heat and play (walk, run, sports) and sweat until you can't hardly move. Then go home and go to bed, start counting at 1 and count until you fall asleep. If that doesn't work, try cutting way back on refined sugar. I wrote an article in college about refined sugar in 1980. Once you cut back for awhile, you won't even miss it much. If you feel you need more energy, probably what you need is more patience.. People are living longer and you may as well sit back once in awhile and "chill". Some people are rockets and some are snails. Find out what you are and enjoy being alive!

Ok, for anyone who is still reading, I'm outta here. Thanks for the forum once again.

Buy more handmade furniture! :D

Keep on enjoying life, Clapton!

Steve (EHS Class of 1975)

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