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I am developing a new guitar gear review site, feedback appreciated!

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Dear fellow guitarists!

I am developing a brand new guitar site, which focuses on guitar gear reviews written by regular people (regular guitar playing people that is). The site,, was launched earlier this week. The whole thing got started because I really missed a simple, clear and easy-to-use mobile-friendly site which focuses on user reviews - and is not commercialised to the hilt.

So here it is, feel free to check it out:

Comments, suggestions etc are all welcome!

I am very thankful if you want to add a review about some interesting piece of guitar gear, it can be a guitar, bass guitar, effect or amp for example. Cheers :)

PS. I hope this post does not give "spammy" impression as my primary aim is to get feedback from fellow guitarists for future development. I feel my little site is in no direct competition with (and of course it has just been launched and still is in beta-stage).