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I can't believe thi...
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I can't believe this

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I don't want to be a downer, but something doesn't make sense. What's this guys state of mind? Leaving large tips for bartenders/wait staff and giving away personal valuables has been associated with suicidal behavior. Any chance this guy is depressed and calling our for help?

Well, he is married.

Used to be, was a part of me felt like hiding.. but now it comes through. Comes through to you.

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I KNOW, I KNOW! It's really his WIFE's guitar, and he can't stand when SHE plays it, so he's going to tell her it was lost in the move.

That dirty scoundrel. :evil:


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his wife cannot stand him playing the guitar. His wife tried throwing it out earlier in the day.

This guy clearly has decision making problems. The obvious answer to that problem was to lose the wife, not the guitar!! :roll:

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I am in as much shock as you all are. I have a Vox AD30VT amp and this axe sounds great. I don't have any pedal or know what pedals to get but, my first purchase in awhile might be a new amp to see if I can get the full potential on this guitar. It plays sooo smooth. I never played a MIA strat and wondering how this compares. I know the guy was moving into another apartment complex, but the reason why he gave me this with no explanation is news to me. I feel like I just won the lottery.

It's probably better than a MIA Strat -- certainly not inferior. Many owners of the Strat would likely disagree as a visceral reaction, but few have actually played the higher end G&L guitars. Leo Fender clearly refined these beyond the originals -- and in a good way.

-=tension & release=-

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I wish I was You!

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All my neighbor ever did for me was ask if he could have my guitars if I died in a sudden, horrific accident. :shock:

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You scored big time!

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