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I find that playing...
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I find that playing a nylon strung guitar is relaxing.

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I've been playing my Yamaha APX-5NA for a couple of days.No picks,fingers only and not plugging in.I find it very relaxing to play songs normally on a regular acoustic with a pick on a classical and using fingers.I've been playing "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and I got to admit that it sounds better when fingerpicked on a classical.Some of the chords are a little bit harder to play because of the wider fretboard,but the sound you get is rewarding. I can see why a lot of people love them.At 52 years and almost 30 years of playing,there's something new to learn everytime I pick up a guitar. So many stlyes,so little time.I wish I could play classical,but I don't have the money or resorces to afford the lessons.

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If you can already play what you do, it's not that big a stretch to move into classical. The biggest factor is getting comfortable with note reading and despite what anyone may say to the contrary, it's not that hard to learn if you can devote a little time a day towards working on it.

And if you can already read notes, then working with a good book, like Frederick Noad's "Solo Guitar" series can get you going in no time. If playing classical is truly something you want to do, make the time for it. You'll find it can help you out in many aspects of all styles of playing. You'll thank yourself for making the effort - in fact it sounds like you already are!


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Very nice sentiment. A good attitude too. I applaud you for being motivated to learn new stuff while being a veteran. 8)

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I started with a classical guitar many years ago. Since I got back to guitars I have played electric and acoustic guitars. I don't play my that guitar now, it is broken in the neck, in the backside of the headstock, and I am afraid it breaks completely. They sound very good to me. By the way, I bought a DVD by Paco de Lucía this morning.

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The nice thing about the nylon strung guitar, like the acoustic, is you can just grab it and play whenever you want to. No looking for cables, amps or power sockets.

I make a living with my classical guitar in my hands. I wouldn't have it any other way

A :-)

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I have had my old Rokoman Classical Guitar for 35 years now. I started out with that guitar, they are a lot of fun and have a great mellow tone to them. They give new life to songs like Blackbird and such. It is amazing how my playing style seems to change when I am on the cat gut strings...