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I have got to stop ...
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I have got to stop taking my wife to the music store!

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Every time she goes with me I walk out with a guitar.

I just went in for a couple of sets of strings, and to see if they had a hardshell case for my Strat on sale.

SHE grabs Dave the guitar tech, and starts browsing through the guitars. . .

First she's by the used equipment and points out an SG '61 re-issue in pristine shape that's hanging on the wall. "Ooh that's PRETTY. How much is it?" ($1600) "Oh, he can't afford that one."

Next she targets a 7-string Peavey Predator with a huge markdown since it's been in the store a while. "Hey check this out, it's on SALE" It was a nice guitar, but didn't connect with me. I did give Dave a giggle though. He plugged me into a Marshall MG series combo to try the guitar. The clean was dead, I hit the "overdrive" on and blurted out, "EEEEWWWW! That sounds horrible! People actually BUY these amps?" I suggested the Peavey Classic 50 across the aisle.

Finally she targeted a black and chrome Squier Telecaster - again, one that had been in the store about a year. I picked her up, and she said her name was Betty Lou and her friends called her Black Betty. I just can't resist a flashy southern girl with attitude like she has, so she went home with me.

Total haul: One black and chrome Tele (set up and tweaked to perfection - Dave put her one the bench right then), strings, Strat case, plus a pineapple shaped shaker and a set of bongos that my wife latched on to while she cruised the percussion section.

The kicker was plugging into the Hot Rod Deluxe when I got home. . .
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wow i need a wife :) but then again lol im only 17.

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*wipes tear from eye*
Moonrider, you are a lucky man, you should be proud.

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Dude ... you have no idea how I envy you . . .

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I would kill for a wife like fact... *evil grin*

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that's one hell of a mrs

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I think I married her sister. So far my wife has bought me a Taylor Baby and Taylor K22ce and came along to help choose my Taylor NS52ce and 514ce. She is planning our Hawaiian vaction and suggested I buy a new Ovation to take along (sounds better than the Baby with ess risk of damage from baggage handlers and climate changes). She is really something special.

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I always ask my Mrs to go in the cafe next door, "go and have a cuppa tea love, you'll only be bored...."

I get to browse that way,and maybe spend a few quid on strings.... otherwise, it'd be "What d'you need more new strings've already got spares...."

"Ah, I did have spares, but I've got lots of guitars....they all need changing..."

"You only changed 'em last year...."


:D :D :D


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Congrats, Moonrider!

I looked at some tele's but, none of them have really reached out to me yet.

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"You only changed 'em last year...." glad you have any significant other....

Poor student situation doesn't work well for a family...

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Congrats man, my wife is good about the guitar, but not that good. LOL :D Although she did let me ordet that Carvin Craig Chaquico signature custom I wanted. Is it mid July yet???? Congrats again!!!!

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Must be nice. My wife is just the opposite. When I bought my Strat.. "You already have an electric, and an accoustic why do you need another electric"
One question about Squier, are their strings normally closer together than a regular Fender? I looked at a Squier Strat last year, and the strings were alot closer than my Fender Strat. Is that a common thing for Squier? The salesman acted like it's not usually the case.

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I took my wife to the local guitar shop. Got a really good deal on her against a PRS CE24.......... 8)

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Well, I have to say that my wife is not so easy going when it comes to guitars. "What do you need another one for?". Which is itself a good question that has saved me from needlessly upgradeing to a guitar 10 times better than my ability. I read a quote somewhere here that said something like 'its not how many toys you have, it is what you do with them that counts'. Anyway, it makes me feel a little better after a visit to the music shop........

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someone submit something to , its kinda like this site

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