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I purchased a Gripm...
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I purchased a Gripmaster!

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As the title says, I just purchased a Gripmaster - ="3SOSWXXA"

Never used one before. I got the strongest one they had, which is actually a "medium". Pretty cool; It features "callus" builder ridges on the "buttons" where your fingertips press, & each one presses individually. I had no idea my 'lil ole pinky was so weak! :D

Anybody else use one of these?

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No, can't say i have. Just my off the top thought -- would you not be better building strength for guitar playing by playing guitar? Possibly you risk overdeveloping muscles?

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I have pretty intense ADD (i have it under control now but I used to be way bad) and someone gave me one of these a long time ago. It helped my strength but it more helped me sit still. Just don't forget to play :). Use it when you cant play (like in school or something).

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I have the red one, too. Be carefull. I hurt my pinky once. I use it when I'm travelling and can not play. It was a gift. I always read the better way for building strength is playing guitar.

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I used to have one years ago, but it wasn't resistant enough so it didn't do anything. :(

The only negative you'll want to keep an eye out for (and you've heard this before I know) is if your fingers/knuckles/wrists start hurting STOP! You could cause a serious RSI.



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Yeah, I think it is a neat idea for traveling. Just another "toy" to keep your interest, I suppose! It comes with a pretty extensive exercise pgm./booklet. I might try to follow it, see if I can notice my playing skill improving.

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I don't see the harm is using it for about ten minutes each day. But other than, damn, you're risking serious injury for your fingers.

I don't see the need to use it though, but if you can't build a calous...go for it, or if your bar chords aren't strong enough.

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I have one too. I leave it in the car and use in during my commute. Just a minute or so every day is more than enough to keep your callouses thick!

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Maybe I should get one of those, try and build the strength back up in my left hand. Then again, if 6-8 hours guitar playing a day won't do it.....

:D :D :D


"Sometimes the beauty of music can help us all find strength to deal with all the curves life can throw us." (D. Hodge.)