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I should have bough...
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I should have bought an acoustic

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I leave one guitar in a ready to play condition, usually its an acoustic but lately I've been playing the electric quite a bit. The rest are in cases stored in a back room under the stairs.

Vic Lewis VL
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My guitars are in my little (approx 12' x 8') music room....containing a desk, computer, two amps, four guitars, keyboard, mic and stand,scanner, printer and several shelves full of books, cassettes and CDs.

They're played every day usually - it's been hectic lately, and the last couple of weeks or so, I haven't even been able to get in there - everything from the two bedrooms I've decorated has been thrown in there! Nearly got it sorted out now, though - looking forward to getting in there and making some new recordings. You have been warned!

:D :D :D


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I leave the Taylor in the case. All else is on stands.

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I have 3 electrics, always on stands. The acoustic's in its case.
But the acoustic is the 'go to' guitar on a whim.
If I had an amp it might be different, but the way it stands now for electric: plug in, boot up the audio software, arm a track...
With the acoustic, 5 seconds and presto.


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I love the acoustic. It is always ready to be played instantly.

I think semi-hollowbody guitars are a killer, since they can be played both acoustically or amplified.

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Hmm. I play my electric constantly, but unplugged.

Helgi Briem
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My 2 acoustic's are always at hand, as they live in my front room, within happy reaching distance of the couch :D 8)

My 2 electric's are (at present) in their cases under my bed, with my amp in its box, as I'm getting ready to move house soon. There's definately something to be said for "wanting what you can't have". So many times this last week I've wanted to play 'em, but the thought of having to set it all up and then pack away again is more than enough to get me reaching for the acoustic sitting 2 feet from my chair :lol:

Thankfully, in my new house, all my guitars are going to be wall-mounted in my music room / study, together with my keyboard, laptop, harmonica, flute, and various other noise-making devices :D :D


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I always keep my electrics in the case. Is that overkill?
I used to put my guitars away in the case after every playing, but any more I've usually got one or two guitars out on stands and the others in cases. Every couple days I rotate which guitar(s) is out, and thus which gets played. All I have to do is grab the cord, plug in, flip a switch, and I'm ready.

One of my two children is a rambunctious 13-year-old (one-on-one football in the living room and forever bouncing tennis balls off the walls :shock: ) plus we have two dogs and an uncharacteristically ungraceful cat in the house, as well. Not ideal for having equipment set up. But after consistent warnings, they pretty much steer clear of this end of the room now. Except the cat--you know how well they mind. :roll:

Keeping equipment packed away may prevent a few dings, but if it also prevents me from getting full enjoyment of it, then what good is that?

My advice is to get that hanger, put it up high, give gentle reminders to the child when necessary, and if an accident happens, it does.

Reminds me of something that happened when my son was about four or five years old. He had a rock in his hand and walked alongside our van and made a deep gouge the full length of the body. We discovered the gouge, asked him about it and he admitted it. It wasn't done maliciously, but we figured it was going to cost us at least the deductible. While we were feeling badly about the several hundred dollars we were going to be out, we learned that a neighbor of ours, in his early thirties, father to a couple small kids and another on the way, had dropped dead at work that day. Put it all into perspective for us.

Incidentally, our car insurance carrier waived the deductible on the paint job repair, too. :D


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Wes Inman
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I have a crazy five year old. Leaving the kit set up at all times is just not on. I have been thinking of getting one of those Hercules wall hangers and putting it about 6 feet up the wall.

As I wrote before, I always have my electric guitar and amp ready to play, but not where little fingers can touch it. But quite a few years ago when my youngest daughter was about 1 1/2 years old (almost 9 now) she got to a old Peavey tube amp I owned. This amp was a 2 X 12 and weighed about 85 lbs, I thought I would dislocate my arm whenever I picked it up. But the back was open like many Peavey tube amps and the tubes exposed. I would keep the amp against a wall to protect the tubes. But somehow my daughter wiggled in behind it and pulled all the tubes out. But she did not pull them out properly, she just yanked them out breaking off the pins in the sockets. :roll:

Didn't hurt anything, I pulled the pins out with needle-nosed pliers and replaced the tubes. I was far more concerned that my daughter could get into the amp and get shocked. So after that I keep them in a room the kids can't get into. But they are older now and no worries.

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Hmm. I play my electric constantly, but unplugged.

Same here. It's never bothered me not to have them amped. Ditto the neighbors.

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Buy a cheapish little acoustic that doesn't kill neither your storage or your wallet.

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