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I Think my Amp sucks

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Sup guys, so ive been playing for a little over a year out of a little crate kx-15 and i cant really get any good sounds out of it. Im i just not dialing in the tone right? it was originally used for my sisters keyboard so i dont know if maybe the configurations are different. does anyone mind explaining how the dials on this amp works i cant figure it out

i Play a squire strat with hot rails in the bridge

im thinking of buying a new amp should i get an all in one or a head and cab?

Thanks to anyone who responds my post its greatly appreciated

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To say your amp sucks is a little harsh . Your problem is you are using a keyboard amp to play guitar through . Guitars and pianos are not voiced the same . They require different amps to make them sound the way you are used to hearing them sound . You need an amp for guitar . Having said that you may be able to get a guitar pedal and place it between your guitar and keyboard amp and get some ok sounds .
The reason behind the bad sound is that a keyboard has a much larger range of notes , both higher and lower in pitch , than a guitar . The amp made to reproduce that range is designed to do it faithfully . The speaker used is also designed for that wide range and may not emphasize the notes that a guitar player wants emphasized .

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