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I wanna buy A Les P...
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I wanna buy A Les Paul, suggestions for me along the way?

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I'm now 35 and all thoughout my teens and 20's i always wanted a really nice genuine American Strat and the equivalent in a Les Paul, but $$ wise it was a pipe dream but i knew someday i would get the oppurtunity....Well i recently forked out the dough (on a year long payment plan mind you), for a 3 tone sunburst maple board American Deluxe Strat...which is beautiful, and I am very happy with it.

It is a high end Strat that looks to me like THE classic Strat (3 tone burst, maple neck etc.) and has very nice neck and body (select alder and select maple, you get what you pay for sometimes), and some amazing new noisless (smarium cobalt) pup's that just knock my socks off! so much nicer than the previous noiselss strat pups...crystal clear bell tones of a classic strat (i had the '62 r.i. at home for a while but exchanged it for this and this produces and even nicer and 60 cycle hum free classic strat tones in my and my luthier's opinion) and with the S1 switch! what a luxury although i usually stay in the classic strat mode it is a treat to be able to get that that thicker humbuckish sound out of it when i feel like it.

Now for the second part of my dream fulfilment...i have always played Fenders (mexi's and when i was a teen squiers before this recent purchase) so i don't know as much about Gibsons as i do Fenders...but i do know that i want a genuine Les Paul...but there are so many different types, "studio", "standard" "deluxe' "vintage"...can anyone tell about some differences...and what they think is a really good genuine L.P.?

(b.t.w. i really did like the Strat '62 R.I. but the vintage 7.25" board radius was an issue for me i realize this is not the case with vintage L.P.'s as they all have 10"" radius' and the only other thing that drew me away from the Strat '62 R.I was the noise issue but as L.P.'s are humbucker and not single coil guitars , again this wouldn't be an i guess what i am saying is i am open to any type of suggestions)

thanks for any help - Otis

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my suggestion is to buy a paul reed smith! see above thread about gibson and the lawuits.

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Otis, I've got a 2001 honeyburst Gibson LP Classic with a 60's neck. It's near mint (can't say mint since I have played it, but sparingly). I've had back surgery and it's just too heavy now. I'm looking to get an SG 61 reissue. If you're interested, I can send you some picks.

It goes for $1,995 at the discounteres.


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I just recently picked up a Gibby Les Paul Studio whats called "Iced Tea", which is really like a amber burst pattern...light burst in the middle and getting darker towards the outer edge. Doesnt have neck or body binding, but, I must say, it's a real beauty....and, it practically plays itself...the 59 rounded les paul neck rocks! I did lots of research and played many different guitars...including a american strat...I just perferrd the les paul....just my two cents, I think you cant go wrong with one!

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Sito - we just went through this in a previous thread (and I'm sure it was discussed even earlier). Check it out:

In addition, Gibson has just come out with a a few new lines of Les Pauls... check them out at

I have an SG, and after a little work I love it. But, I would also look at the new PRS Singlecuts... they are beautiful and every but as classic as a Les Paul.

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can tell you one thing about it - the 'studio' versions are supposed to be basically the same as the 'standard' versions but with cheaper finish - no inlays on the fretboard etc. In theory these should be good value for money models (I have on EPI and is quite happy with it, for what that is worth)

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I loved my Les Paul, but recently traded up for a CS-336 (no regrets). I had the Les Paul Standard, and I'd say outside of trying the various neck options (slim, RI, etc) the pickups make a huge difference. My CS-336 has the 57 les Paul reissue pickups and they absolutley scream compared to the T-498's the standard had. My advice is to find a les paul with the 57 RI pups and play it next to the other choices. Your style of play may very, I like the 57 pups as they fit with my heavy overdrive style of playing. Play as many as you can on a variety of amp settings to find the right axe for you.