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I'm in the need of a new guitar and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to get an Ibanez. It's what I have now, I got one of those jumpstart packs that came with amp and cable and such, and I love the neck and feel. I've been to guitar center and played a few guitars and I was wondering whats the difference between the Ibanez RG321MH and the RG3EX1? I heard the RG3EX1 is a Guitar Center exclusive and thats about all the information I have on it. So is there any difference in the two other than color? If you have any other guitars around the 300 dollar point that are better than these please suggest them. Thanks

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The review I saw says the RG3EX1 is the same as the RG321 but with the quilt maple top.

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Better? Well, that really depends on what you think is better. For me, if I had about $300 to spend for a new guitar, I would probably go for a MIM Fender Strat (I think they are like $350). But, that would suit me. Not sure for you. Do you play heavy music? If so, Ibanez is usually a good choice. I would also check out what Jackson has to offer, but my guess is, not a lot for $300. Of course, you could also check an Epi LP out too.

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I have the Ibanez RG321MH Grey Nickle and its a great guitar. I've read that a lot of people replace the pickups on these guitars but I like the sound the way it is. One big surprise was how good the neck pickup sounds clean.

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I recently purchased this guitar and I am in love with it:

I can get almost any sound I want out of this baby, but it usually runs around $450.
If you could spare the $150 it is really worth it:
Mahogany body
Flamed maple top
Humbucking pickup in the bridge position
Two single-coil pickups (one in the middle, one at the neck)
Floating SAT-Pro bridge with a really nice tremelo (especiallyfor the price)

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If you have around 300 dollars, look at the Epiphone Les Pauls. Unlike every strat and strat copy i've ever played, the string height is already where it should be, and the mahogany necks are really smooth. Right now the LP-100 is $250, but if you can spend $380 get the LP Standard. Amazing guitars. Personally, Ill never buy a strat again, unless the companies start setting their action better.

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