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I'm Alright-Kenny Loggins

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im trying to learn the chords for this song but the only one i find has the chords D7sus2, D6sus2, and D. Is this right? Im pretty sure D6sus2 isn't even a chord

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Interestingly enough, there's recently been a whole discussion on this. You can find it here:

The short answer is that some guitarists seem to need to label everything in terms of open position chords even when what's going on is simply "messing with the D chord." They would probably finger these two chords this way:

D7sus2: xx0210
D6sus2: xx0200

There are, of course, numerous ways to get these notes all over the guitar as well as numerous ways to name these chords. This is just the easiest open position fingering.

Hope this helps and definitely give the earlier discussion a read.

Welcome, by the way, to Guitar Noise. Looking forward to seeing you around on the boards.


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Wow, this is funny, I just bought the chord sheet from sheet music plus! that's the only one that I found that has the way he plays it, or looks to be playing it anyway.

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