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I'm back for more help =(

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Hey guys it's been a while I've been keeping up with guitar and played non stop for about a year. I have now mastered all the chords one could possibly need I mean all of them lol. I still have one promblem my dang rhythm I can keep time to a metronome absolutely fine but when I have to figure out rhythms to a song I just can't do it thinking maybe I have a rhythm promblem. For example in this video I've listed to it 20 times at least but can't figure it out at times I hear 16th notes strums and I believe there is syncopation going on can anybody help me with this I'm trying so hard my brain literally hurts I also believe there is accenting going on in video as well sorry forgot to add that any. Help figuring out this Dang rhythm which is most likely easy as hell would be great

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Just keep working on it. Also, a lot of Stones songs were in open G tuning or some other odd tuning, so if you can't get it right, it's possible that the guitars aren't tuned the same. I didn't check the tuning on this particular song, but just saying.

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Reckon the best thing is to slow it right down so you can figure it out. Once you have it down it should be easy enough to to get it up to speed.

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