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I'm really stuck

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I have been playing the guitar for about a month now, took a total of two lessons and dropped out because I learned the same information in both from just one hour of self teaching. It was a group lesson so I felt like they were holding me back HEHEHEHE.
Anyways, my problem now is that it takes to long to find a good song to play. I started on Good Riddance by green day, and a bunch of other intro. I need some songs though, full songs.

So long story short, if it wouldn't be to much trouble can someone please give me a some songs I could play, and if possible ones I should play after that once getting better. Thanks!

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If your just looking for beginner songs, there are plenty right here at this site. What do you like to play? Wish you were here by pink floyd is a good one to start out with if that's what you like. Alot of kiss stuff has basic power chords.Usually when I'm just practicing scales I run alot of riffs (i actually enjoy that most about playing the guitar). Alot of stuff out there.

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Welcome to GN!

You could do a search on youtube for "guitar lessons", "guitar songs", "beginner guitar", etc. I'm sure you will get a lot of ideas from there.

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do you have a short attention span or get bored easily. ?
two lessons don't mean a thing.

you need to discipline yourself. so why don't you learn 'House of the Rising Sun'.
you will find it in on this forum.
play those chords clean and arppegiate the whole way through.
then come back and explain what you found.

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Are group lessons the only option in your area? If not, you might consider one-on-one instruction with a teacher.

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Here's your song source-

You might want to bounce on over to the Beginner's Forum

I think 2 hrs of any kind of instruction on most any subject means you're a beginner
at whatever it is. There is a huge amount of material on this website
in lessons so have at it!

(indeterminate, er, intermediate fingerstyle acoustic)

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I picked up guitar for one reason - to be able to play songs I knew and loved. Back then, you'd have to buy sheet music or work it out yourself. So I tried, and I struggled, but I persevered and I got better. Guitar playing's like anything else, in the sense that the more you put into it, the more you'll get out.

YOU know what kind of music you like - why not take a look at the Easy Song Database Index, see if there's anything there that you might want to try?

:D :D :D


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Ahh, young grasshopper..I once too felt what you are feeling now. :D I am approaching 50 years old and also picked up the guitar because I wanted to play songs. After learning a few intros to songs, I grew tired of not being able to play but a few bars of each song. So, I have turned back to where I should have have started; the lessons on this site. If you're not sure how to get there, just roll the mouse over the "" title at the top of the page. Then click on the lessons icon just to the right. Scroll down to easy songs for beginners. Our very own David Hodge has a ton of good lessons there (as do other contributors). To add to what has already been said, you might find something in there that appeals to you.

Good luck and let us know how you do.


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I would try "Holiday" by Green Day. It's pretty fun. :)
or "Adams Song" or "Damm*t" by Blink 182. or "Never too late" by three days grace if your looking for something acoustic.
idk they're All pretty easy.

Good luck.