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Is it just me.........
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Is it just me.......

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Just sitting with an acoustic and playing Robert Johnson or Son House tunes does it for me... Only have got one Stones tune on my resume: Get Off My Cloud... Great tune though... 8)

Stairway to Freebird!

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I'm gonna give Paint It Black a good go. That's one of my favorite Stones songs.


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What genre stones play in ?

Are the rock or punk or metal or anything else (maybe blues , i really don't know !) ?

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Of your choices, Rahul, it would seem to me to be ROCK!


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They started playing blues, and if you listen to some of their earliest interviews, they were real "evangelists" for blues. They quickly developed their own style of rock.

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"No Expectations" is my favourite,"Love In Vain" a close second.
Rahul how's the wedding thing coming along? Truely hope you get to play for your sister.
Pm me any time(Sometimes i just appear offline),I'm hoping you get to play for them.
I doubt I can send you songs but who knows(and yes they're bought and paid for).


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