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Is taking guitar cl...
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Is taking guitar classes worth it?

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I started on an acoustic guitar some months ago and learned some basic techniques and some riffs. Recently I finally bought my first electric because I want to rock and for now I am saving up money for something else not guitar related and won't take guitar lessons because of that. I will continue to learn on my own for some more months from now.

My question is, will it be worth it to take guitar lessons after about 9 months of starting learning guitar? I know the difference between online and real life teachers is that real life teachers can correct your bad habits, while videos can't.

Thank you!

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Yes, it's always worth taking lessons no matter how long you've been playing

I had a few lessons when I was 20, wanting to learn some classical guitar techniques. I had my next lesson when I was 46 and coming up to my Grade 7 exam

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Yes, Absolutely

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Yes sir it would be worth it not just the learning you can get from it but also will save you time in learning it, also it will spare you from the pain and frustrations along the way as you progress...It can also help you build your teaching approach as you also pass your knowledge to your future students if ever. ☺ cheers! Go for it! Godbless!