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I've Met "The One"!!!!

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Chris C
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There is Chris, sitting on the beach at sunset. A man, a guitar, a Marshall stack sitting in the sand..

.. and a helluva long extension cord.

Sometimes size does matter. 8)

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So Maoi, you have "the One", congratulations! I have a question!!! How much of the 'tone' that you have fallen in love with is due to the amp. I want to get a my first electric and am wondering about the contributions of axe and amp to the aural experience. What do you say?
Should the amp and guitar be bought together?

Well, the guitar itself is a reissue for sure. The list at the store is $1799, and I am gettingit for $1500 straight up including taz--total bro deal for a local, which is so col I love my friend Manny (store owner) more every day.

I have to say, very little of it had to do with the amp. I played at least three guitars (it's a blur, I gotta be honest) through the exact same setup and none were the same, and what's weird is I have played the SAME GUITAR through that amp before and didn't have the same feeling.

That's the weird thing. The RG I played had been a fave up until then, but I had a "I can wait' vibe about it. I have played that RG more than I have the tele, in fact. And, up until then I favored the "seafoam" colored Telecaster--no idea what "issue" it was, and when I got around to it was going to get one of those. Just to have one. They play good, they sound good, they look good, and everyone has to have at least one tele, right? I have probably messed around with ten Telecasters in Manny's shop before, and while I liked them, it didn't keep me up at night. It just seemed like it wasn't worth the money, y'know?

I am not kidding when I say I don't really understand it myself. I generally like more modern colors, and guitars that have more of a "chick factor" than a butterscoth Tele. I picked her up on a lark, actually. I am so glad I did!

And as neurotic as it is to say, I emptied my wallet because I didn't want anyone else touching her ever again. Ever. Tomorrow I am going to the guitar shop across town that carries Fender and I am going to play one and see what the feeling is. Even the idea of thatmakes me feel sleazy, but I gotta. I mean, my VW Westy cost me less than my Tele! But you gotta do what you gotta do...

And, I gotta be honest, for the most part I don't dig the tele "look". I mean, I like the guitars, but they have never screamed "own me", ever. But now I would sell a kidney if it meant I could get her home right now.

I am in Reno, by the way.

I have been eyeing the amp I played her through for a few months now, ($1099), and will buy one when it is feasable. Everything was straight", too...

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Rodya S. Thompson
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Congratulations. Hope the marriage lasts well :-D

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