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Jimi Hendrix's guitar original price

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I'm wondering how much Jimi's guitar would of costed (the white strat, '68 I believe) I want to know because I'm saving up some money and I'm almost at the point of affording a 'standard' strat, as sold on amazon. I made an account here for the pure reason of asking because every time I google it, it just tells me that It went for 400 gorrilion dollars, same thing with googling '68 strat prices

So, How much would have Jimi Hendrix payed for his most Iconic guitar, inflation adjusted to today.

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What you're googling is prices NOW for '68 kit - you're looking in the vintage and rarity markets, so the prices will be high for good equipment.

If you say Jimi might have paid £100 back in the day for his axe, then that might have been three weeks' average take-home pay. Call it a couple of grand now for an equivalent guitar.

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