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Gotta love Priest!

There is no doubt that these guys are the kings of trading off solo's. Sometimes it get absolutely comical how well these guys work together. I remember looking once at the album sleeve of Defenders of the Faith and I saw a solo listing that went: Tipton/Downing/Tipton/Downing/Tipton/Tipton/Downing/Tipton/Downing/Tipton, no kidding. Talk about sharing a brain.

Halford is way up there on the "best male singers of rock" list imo.

By the way, if you are looking for cool older priest, listen to Desert Plains from point of entry. Stay away from live versions (youtube), stick with the studio cut. Really solid stuff.

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One more question, they are getting those notes to really squeal when they pick them. I know the technique but I'm not sure what it's called, my teacher calls it chicken picking but I don't think that is the correct term but maybe it is.
Chicken picking and pinch harmonics are different, but LOOK alike. With chicken picking you're actually picking the string with the pick, damping it with the thumb to quickly silence it, then picking it with the thumb so you get a rapid, staccato double sound. Sounds a bit like a chicken clucking. With pinch harmonics you're picking the string with the pick and barely touching it with your thumb at a harmonic node so that harmonic (and its multiples) ring.

I just had a minor revelation :shock: Been doing the pinch harmonic for many years, by choking down on the pick so just the tip is exposed then a quick, hard jab on the string. Thought that was it.

Just noticed the side of my thumb is slightly grazing the string. And it don't work without it. Hmm.

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