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Lately tapping on the desk: drums on 3rd & 6th

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Odd, I've really been listening to the drums of many songs I play over the past few months. I find myself while on the computer tapping out beats. Mostly drums and often slipping into guitar beats. Anyway, I'm finding lots of songs where the drummer is accenting on othe 3rd and 6th beat of songs (with 8 beat per measure).

Has anyone else ever found certain beat patterns while listening to MP3's? I find it cool to find a beat, tap it, and say "oh yea, that's on X and Y beat." Ah, the boredom when on the computer with background music! :D Ah, but I always have music on when I'm on the computer or playing guitar.

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I'm at my computer most of the day and listening to
SO yea, I do the same thing. Music certainly gets me through my day.

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