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Locking Tuners on an Acoustic

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I have a set of Sperzel Trim-Lok tuners that I took off an electric that I don't use anymore. I was going to sell them, but was wondering if they would work on an acoustic guitar? Does anyone know? They are 3x3. They're the ones in the link.,_solid_peghead_tuners/Sperzel_Tuners.html

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I've got 'em on an acoustic Epiphone. They work but I can't stand them. I mostly tune right through them, anyway thanks to the all-fired hurry I was seemingly born with!


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sure they'll probably work, but why bother -- unless the current tuners are junk. changing to tuners that have significantly different masses that the originals may effect the timbre ... for better or worse, depending on what you like.

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