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Looking for a tab of "Time Well Wasted" by Brad Pa

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There's no song-database forum anymore so I'm not sure where this kinda post should actually go...

But anyway, as the subject says, I'm looking for a tab of "Time Well Wasted" (the song, track 15, on the album of the same name).

I guess you'd have to have the album to have heard it and that's why I can't find it anywhere. It doesn't seem quite as finicky and technical as some of his stuff, so I think it could be simplified, acoustic, solo, and still recognizable.

Hope someone can help,

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Hi Matt,

The best place to request tabs is in the Easy Song thread. Go there and there'll be a sticky at the top called REQUESTS-PLACE THEM ALL HERE (or something like that). You can find it here.

I haven't heard of the song or album, though. Wish I could help. :)

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Don't know how good this is but there ya go. :)

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