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Looking for some not so difficult solos to practice

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Anyone know any not so difficult solo's to practice? I really want to practice my bends and slides/glissando, vibrato, hammer-on's and pull-offs. Level wise- I need something that suits my level- like the solo in “Californication” of the red hot chili peppers. Something like that or something bluesy as well. I definitely need more blues licks to add to my arsenal and I am wondering the solos of what songs or guitarists would be a good place to start.

And 2 other things.

1. I've found some "licktionarys" online but no audio recording that accompanies it- so when I look at the tab and I'm clueless as to how it's really supposed to sound - like the subtleties. Anyone know any books of licks that has also comes with an audio?

2. I also want to better understand the concept of approach/weave and then accenting with the vibrato.
Any ideas?

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blues you can use!

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I'm not much on solo guitar, but I might have a solution for your first question. There's software out there called Power Tab. It presents the viewer with sheet music and TAB. Press the play button and it starts playing a midi based on the music and has a line that moves along with the TAB to show you where in the music you are. So, you get to see and hear the TAB and what's supposed to be happening. I've found it very helpful. Oh, and it's free.

There's also a better one out there, Guitar Pro, that uses a better sound engine and has more features. It's like $60. If you like the free Power Tab, you'd love Guitar Pro.

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Ok for real solo's the solo to AC/DC's Shook me all Night Long is pretty easy. The solo which is only a few bars to Sublime's Smoke Two Joints is easy.

Basically if I can play it, it's easy..the solo to Queen's Crazy little thing called love is easy.

I'll try and remember some more.

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Pink Floyd's "Mother" and "Comfortably Numb".

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Can I suggest that you "ease" your way in by playing a few instrumentals? There are loads to choose from, mostly from the 50s, 60s and 70s. You can find a couple here, on my website.

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blues you can use!

Seconded! :) There is a lot of good stuff in that book.

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Pink Floyd's "Mother" and "Comfortably Numb".

I second here on the Pink Floyd songs. Hey, even I was able to learn them, so that ought to tell you something.



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