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Looking for songs in Drop D

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How about '"Embryonic Journey" by Jefferson Airplane or Hot Tuna?

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I am

- Metallica -

The thing that should not be
Minus Human (this is actually dropped to C with other strings dropped half step
Dirty Windows (also like above)

Minus Human

And all the things you said to me
I need your arms to welcome me
But a cold stone's all I see

Let my heart go

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go chiefs, go royals, that's not Drop D, that's "Drop 'd ball"....

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They're not recent, but any song by The Presidents of The United States of America (PUSA, I ain't typing that again! :)) is in dropped D.

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I think Chet Atkins version of the John Lennon song Imagine is in drop d and surprisingly easy to learn, if you don't try to match Chets fills and fancy fingerstyle. Just play the melody.

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Lots of songs in drop D!

Creed - My Sacrifice
Creed - Higher
American Hi-Fi - Flavour of the week
Radiohead - Optimistic
Led Zepplin - Moby Dick
Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box
Soundgarden - Spoonman
Greenday - Whatsername

Hope you find 'em useful

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Marilyn Mansons 'Beautiful People" is a good intermediate one to learn because of the temp its on.
A lot of Tools songs on their "lateralus" album are good for that as well.
Silverchairs "Anthem for the year 2000", is a nice simple Drop-D tuning.

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