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Lowering Price On An Ovation

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Hey, theres an Ovation I've got my eye on, at a sort of "Pawn Shop." The guy working there claims he could lower the price of it a bit, because its been there a while. However, I'd like to know the best way of getting the price lowered. How do pawn shops usually work. I have a small amp, I'm trying to sell also, and I was wondering if you guys thought taht I could work that some how into the deal, as a means of lowering the price?

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First, see how much you can get the price lowered. After that tell him you have an amp to throw into the deal.

DON'T go in there like you own the place but, at the same time DON'T go in there with "sucker" writen on your forehead. Play in - Cool Hand Luke style.

Remember it's a pawn shop, they are ALWAYS making deals. Play it cool and don't make an unreasonable offer.

Good Luck!