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Master the guitar in 60 minutes? (what are those?)

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you know these links on the internet that tells you "you can master the guitar in 30 minutes!" and "pick up the guitar and play any song whitin Seconds!" ....

what are those things? :? i really can't imagine anyone being able to play the guitar like they discribe in 60 minutes :|
did anyone ever try them for real? are they any good? cause it all looks really fishy to me :?
anybody knows anything about those things??? (i'm so confused :cry: )

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No, you cannot master the guitar in 60 minutes. Steer away from such claims. If you're serious about learning, look for a good teacher.

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"you can master the guitar in 30 minutes!"
what are those things?
They are the work of people whose main motivation is to separate you from your money.

In other words: a scam.

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A fool and his/her money are easily parted is a saying that springs to mind, it would be more worth while investing in guitar lesson

Ignar Hillström
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Then again, lots of worse things a fool could do with his money... :P

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Doesn't take much sense to know that mastering the guitar in 60 minutes is impossible, at least for us mortals.

However, being a sort of conneseur of gobbledygook, an avid observer of state of the art bamboozlement techniques, I do find myself wondering....

...what's their angle?

I mean, once you've slapped down your wad of cash, do you find out that what they really mean is 60 minutes per day?

Is it an "I did it (take my word for it) and so can you and if you can't you're just not trying hard enough (so no refunds, mate)" line of reasoning?

Do they send you tab for "Horse With No Name" - which pretty much anybody can play in five minutes - and then say "Good 'nuf for me, you've mastered the guitar"?

Anybody ever seen one of these things with the pages open?

Ignar Hillström
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I've definitely became the master of my guitar after following such a course. Before I was a scared, introverted person, now I walk the streets knowing that no matter what guitar I run into in the dark Dutch alleys I will be the one to come out alive.

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Very good, Ignar. Very good.

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