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medium jumbo frets and intonation.

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Hi Guys,

I have had a problem with intonation on my Fender Toronado and I think I've finally discovered the problem but would welcome any additional comments/thoughts.After much research I have only now discovered that it has medium jumbo frets and what these are!Even though I've been playing for over 25 years I did'nt have a clue what Jumbo frets were and how they might effect the way you play.(don't be embaressed if you don't know either)

Basicaly the problem I was having was notes going sharp at the lower frets eg when playing open chords like D.I had thought that the nut was cut too high and and I was bending the string and making it go sharp.I now think the problem may be the other side at the fret , the nett result is the same ie. pushing down too hard behind the higher frets.The solution may be two fold : increase the string gauge to .10's to reduce bending and learn to play with a lighter touch.I am quite heavy handed as I play alot on my acoustic and my Les Paul has a totally different set up from the toronado so i don't have the same problem with that.

The nut may still need some adjustment but the above sounds like it might just resolve the problem and is alot cheaper!

If you have any thoughts let me know.


Bob .

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Bob, you're good :wink: - I think you have analyzed and answered your own question, though I don't how the setup on your Les Paul and same-scale 24.75" Toronado would be that different, besides the oddity in the nut. I have a Toronado, it plays okay, but I'll show two hand-made guitars with medium jumbo frets which were also called 6150's according to Warmoth and Stew Mac specs. One is a LP clone and the other a Strat. Sometimes they feel a bit big, like playing bass.

I string them with 10's. As you said, the 9's are going to stretch and bend down a lot into the big valley between frets, if you press hard. That will stretch them like a rubber band and cause the note to sharpen. If you don't press as hard, which you already mentioned, it would not be such a big issue and if you go to thicker strings the problem partly corrects itself.

Cheers too, good luck.

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I know this is difficult, but I'd practice having a lighter touch on your electric. Not only will your hands thank you for it, you can play much faster with a light touch.

I had a similar problem playing saxophone and wind synthesizer. The sax takes much more pressure to close the keys and to keep them from leaking. My first wind synth had these little 'bubble' switches printed on a printed circuit board. I wore them out rather quickly resulting in an expensive repair.

It took a lot of practice, but now when I pick up the wind synth, I use a light touch and if I pick up my sax, I use a heavier touch. It just happens automatically.

I don't play acoustic guitar much, so when I do, I'm always amazed at the difference. Especially with chords near the nut.


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