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Merry Christmas To ...
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Merry Christmas To Me

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The season of GAS ....err giving is upon us, so in the spirit of it all I just got myself a Tele. :lol:

I've wanted a solidbody for a while after playing a semi hollow for 3-4 years. I only have one electric (the semi-hollow) and want to convert it into open-G /silde guitar and I don't want to drop $1200 for a piece of wood and magnents, but don't want something cheap. My Carvin has spoiled me to a certain degree in that it plays great, and most gibson/fenders don't feel as....right. I'm not good enough to be picky, but you know it when you found something that just fits, you know?

So, my old teacher has a top of the line american tele he got for cheap and then customized. I've always loved it, plays great and sounds great. He changed the neck to a strat (which I will change again due to a slight chip in the rosewood fingerboard, which doesn't effect the playing....oh maybe I'll just keep it, I've always liked fashionably beat up guitars) replaced the PUs with humbuckahs (stacked neck, side by side), different bridge (I think) and had it custom finished with a wine burst. Looks really great, but sounds even better

I'm picking it up over Xmas, hence my comment on the bridge. I might put in a single between the two humbuckers for that tele twang and add a tremolo. We'll see. I love that rich, overdriven steve morse sustain and that's what this does, i think it will go nice with my Marshall.

The price? $370 :D :D :D

I'll post a pic after the holidays


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Nice one.

Will you be posting before and after pics? :wink:


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Sounds like a fantastic guitar! Can't wait to see the pics!

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