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metal sound (dimeba...
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metal sound (dimebag setup)

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so I'm getting kinda burned out on playing classic rock and country so I have decided to give some metal chops a try. I am trying to find out a good setup to get the Dimebag sound and came across this "guitargeek" site that shows tons of guitarists setups:

cool, site. anyway, it shows dimebag using 2 digitech whammy boxes, what would he accomplish using 2 boxes in line w/ each other? The local music store just started carrying Jackson guitars so I'm gonna try out some dinky's and such this weekend, I have a hot rod deluxe amp and might pick up a ibanez tubescreamer tommorrow and try to shake the walls.

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I'm no expert on metal, but i don't think the tubscreamer will get you the sound you want ( not enough distortion) although they are great for blues and classic rock :D You might try a Arion metal master for $17.99
Or the danelectro Black coffee metal thingy..
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well if you already have some distortion on your amp you might be able to achieve the sound you're looking for by using a tubescreamer WITHOUT using the distortion on the pedal, but using the distortion on your amp. I have a TS-5 and I know that I can get an interesting sound when i put the level and tone knobs to 10, and the distortion to 0, then when i crank the distortion on my amp I get a kind of metal-ish distortion. It all depends though, I don't know if the Hot Rod Deluxe will give you enough distortion to start out with, i guess it's your decision.


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There is a dimebag distortion pedal. I've got no idea if it's any good or if he used it, but you could always look it up. It seemed a bit expensive though. That's usually the case when gear has artist names on them.

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Ok... no advice on the DD setup, but who in their right mind has the time or inclination to start a website devoted to the rig setup of other guitarists? That site is crazy, man.

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Dimebag also used Krank amps later in his life. That's an expensive option though. A decent metal tone is pretty easy to obtain with a modeler, V-amp, POD, so on. You'll have a hard time with a HRD though.

MXR pedals may be a good option too, I believe they make the Dimebag pedal niklasroos was talking about.

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