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Mojo Who?

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No offense to the old band but just wanted to pop in and announce a new group I found some fortune in falling into. Before I get into that.. A year has passed since joining the churches band and MAN that has been AWESOME in helping me progress as a guitarist. Learning 4 or 5 songs a week. Still using a music stand but trying to ween myself off. I have found I play much better when I am doing it from memory, than when I am reading it off the sheet.

So me and a friend have been talking quite a bit about just getting together and jamming. The problem always seemed to be location. We have another friend that is a bassist and has a huge garage but he never would get around to cleaning it out and getting it ready for us, even though he kept promising to do so.

A few weeks ago the wifey said that it would be ok with her if I took over one of our larger back rooms. Its probably a large den size, and would easily fit drums, keyboard, and three guitars.. Might have some problems with feedback.

So I brought it up to the two guys that have been wanting to get together and we're scheming to get enough material together to play out.. just small stuff, but looking forward too it.

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