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music/lyrics stand

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Hi Guys,

Im thinking about getting one of these to to put lyrics on when playing live and was wondering if anyone else has used one or something similar they could recommend.I'm not big fan of using music stands when playing live but i have got a few gigs coming up and a load of quite wordy new songs to learn.Im hoping this will look a bit more discreet.

Any help much appreciated.


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Regardless of how it looks, either make sure it has (or you have) some way of securing the sheets to the stand. Many stands have clip attachments or you can use clothespins or capos or anything. You have to figure that the sheets are going to get knocked over or blown over in spite of everything you do! Start with that mentality before you decide on a stand - it will help.

Also - the more portable (or one piece or small bag) it can be usually helps, too.

Good luck and tell us how things are going wih the search.