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My assignment

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Hello everyone,

I recently started taking guitar lessons as my playing isn't getting anywhere. In the last lesson the teacher told me that when soloing, I should build up towards the end and get my energy divided amongst the progression. He asked me to write a solo over a given 12-bar progression using mostly chord notes. I chose to use C6 and dominant 7 arpeggio's as I like the chromatism between the 6 and the b7 but that's just my taste.

This is what I came up with and it sounds like this. (sorry it may be hard to read as I didn't spell the notes very nice ...)

I tried to get some rests and variation of the rythm in there but I'm not happy with the result. Can anyone help me? Which notes are good to land on to get some "question?"-like tensions? What can I do better?

Also ... the rythm track really sucks. Anyone got good advice on making the 4-on-4 sound more interesting?

Thanks alot!